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ascension and arrival   

an experiment in phase cancellation. headphone friendly.

kitchen, 3 a.m.   

improvised double bass from joe whitt in the kitchen at 3 a.m.

cats and birds   

song for a summer afternoon

shark counting   

track to be featured on a maritme fist glee club compilation by todd fagin and gabe wingfield

golden arms   

a romanticized view of truck driving

diamond planet   

rough mix of an old vena cava song written by carson, redone by locust avenue. to be featured in the upcoming movie "flashpants".

vena c(r)ava  

blaine palmer, ian palmer, matt carson, jay locke

three songs from 1993's "snack time" ep:

space helmet   
fish fry   

five songs from 1995's self-titled cd:

st. monday   
to the rotators   
out all night   
overnight flea trap   

a few live recordings from 1993 - 1999:

john scar   
hang high   
peanut butter   
vamos (sic)   

more stuff soon

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